CONTRATEMPO / event design

Contratempo is a format of events designed for FICO Eataly World of Bologna. The history of Italian cuisine is narrated thanks to the use of augmented reality glasses, which amplify experience and the senses. The contratempo structure is a permeable wireframe, with a shuttle like shape, which allows the experience to be seen from the outside. The event is a time machine that allows the user to travel through flavors.

Contratempo logo
Contratempo illustration


+ tourism: history of Italian ingredients
+ generation millennials: viewers and augmented reality
+ connoisseurs: cuisine that looks back to the past in a contemporary way


+ surprise: is made visible only when wearing the visor
+ ultimate goal: is to re-give value to present (=oggi) in terms of enogastronomy
+ augmented reality: amplifies the experience and the sensoriality

Contratempo illustration

Contratempo is a compound word, made of contra (versus in Latin) with tempo (time in Italian), used together to broadcast the idea of time machine.


Event Budget Calculation:
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