OUTFORIA / interaction design

Outforia is an App that suggest to the users activities based on his interest, actioniong when the user is crossing the line, using too much social networks.
The mission is the re educations of teenagers to the use of smartphone and social media in order to increase the awarness of the user personal way to live the technology. Outforia evokes the good feeling of euforia that the user can feel when discovering new things, when he understand how to live in an authentic way the real world.


Mission: re-education of the user in the use of the smartphone, through the creation of a daily narrative universe

User flow level 1: Outforia in the bg detects high activity on social media and takes action through a notification

Your path: the user is involved in a path where in order to earn points and reach the next levels of outforia must change his digital behaviors, descending into the reality that surrounds us.

Graphical identity: the app evolves as it is used, in step with the user's journey, to an extreme simplification

End: once the maximum score has been reached, the app uninstall itself, leaving the user with a greater self-awareness.